Carnival is a day of celebration in the preschool. In most preschools, the main focus is on costumes, dancing and acting. One can work with the topic over a longer period and thus get to know different animals, professions, characters, adventures etc. Creating costumes, instruments or maybe some bowling cones (decorating plastic bottles) are fun activities.

Here are suggestions for activities and plays that suit different characters (such as trolls, witches, police, Superman), and that stimulate physical activity.

Tips for physical activities:

Moving to Music

Let the children move to music in a costume.

Who’s missing?

In addition to asking who is gone, you can ask what he/she was dressed as.

Obstacle Course

Let the children challenge themselves in the obstacle course in a costume.

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

From the learning area Ethics, religion and philosophy:

“Kindergartens shall introduce the children to the stories, traditions, values and holidays of different religions and world views and to discover how cultural expressions are valuable in the own right” p.54.

“Staff shall introduce the children to and observe important dates, holidays and customs in the Christian tradition and those of other religions and world views represented in the kindergarten” p. 55.