A Winter’s Day


In this game, the children practise various motor skills through imitating movements related to a skiing trip, which the adult takes us on through a story.


The adult takes the children on a ‘pretend skiing trip’ where the children and the adult carry out the movements portrayed in the story. One example of a story is: “We can find lots of exciting things to do in the winter when snow and ice are on the ground…”

Story: Movement:
We can go skiing. We can ski across a long plain. We can use the poles to get there. Everyone will be given a carpet tile to stand on, with the carpet side facing the floor. Whilst standing on the carpet tiles, we are going to walk across the floor in a diagonal direction. Use your arms.
We arrive at a long downhill slope. Here we can stand in a hockey position and whiz down very fast. Stand in a deep hockey position. Lower your knees and swing your bottom from side to side.
At the bottom of the slope, we can double pole to keep the high speed. It goes really fast. Use the arms to grip the poles firmly. Bend and stretch out your knees.
We can go slalom skiing. We turn from side to side down the slope. We twist from side to side. Deep knee bends.
We arrive at a steep slope. Here we must jump from side to side to reduce the speed. Do twist jumps from side to side. Deep knee bends.
We are going to ski jump. To do this, we have to go to the top of the slope. We get ready, make an effort. One-to-three, we get up to the right speed and jump. We land in style. Climb up on a bench. Bend your knees, place your arms on your back pushing your upper body forward. Count together and jump with an arm swing onto the floor. You could land in Telemark.


  • Instead of going on a skiing trip, you could go ice skating. Ice skating movements are then to the story.
  • You could also go toboggan sledging, which entails the children sitting on the carpet tiles and pushing themselves forwards with their legs; or they could lie on their stomachs and push themselves forwards with their hands.


Carpet tiles (or two cleaning cloths for each child)
Or: with or without skis or ice skates outdoors


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

Activity type