According to the Norwegian Framework Plan, “Kindergarten shall be an arena for daily physical activity, and it shall promote joy of movement and motor development in the children” (p. 11). Furthermore, it states that “Kindergartens shall create a stimulating environment that supports the children’s desire to play, explore, learn and achieve… The children shall be able to use their entire body and all their senses in their learning processes” (p. 22) and that “Staff shall apply varied working methods adapted for individual children, the group of children and the local community… The chosen working methods can help create enthusiasm, interest and motivation and make for new experiences” (p. 43).

These topic pages are intended as inspiration for promoting and integrating physical activity into the preschool practice by using physical activity as a way of working with various topics. Some of the activities and games are closely linked to the topic, some directly linked, while other activities are based on a game that has been further developed for use together with the topic.

Integrating physical activity into various learning activities linked to a topic can have a number of beneficial effects. Feel free to watch the video about Physically active learning on the resource page.

We have used the term ‘keywords’ for words that are relevant according to the topic. Other preschools may have e.g a word of the week or the month. Printing material for lotto and memory games are available within several topics.