Insects in the spring

The temperature rises and the sun warms. Nature changes; it germinates and grows, we hear the birds singing and see small insects crawling out. Spring is a time for sensation and wonder. What do we see, smell and hear? Go for a walk and experience the nature during the spring. Lift stones, look under bark and tree stumps, dig in the ground to look for earthworms or study an anthill. Wonder together with the children about different small insects.

Here are suggestions for different activities and plays related to insects in the spring.

Tips for physical activities:

The Ants and the Pine Needles

Visit the forest and study the ant. In The Ants and the Pine Needles, the children get to play diligent ants who collect pine needles for their anthill. Instead of using bean bags and hula hoops, the children can create an area where they collect natural materials (e.g. sticks, cones, etc.) for an anthill. The natural materials can e.g. be placed on a seat pad in the middle of the play area before the game starts.

Kim’s Game in Nature

You could also play Kim’s Game in Nature inside the preschool area and use objects related to insects in the spring.

Nature Bingo

Create a Nature Bingo with pictures of insects you have been talking about.

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

“The children shall be given outdoor experiences and discover the diversity of the natural world, and kindergartens shall help the children to feel connectedness with nature” p. 11.

“The children shall be able to explore, discover and understand correlations, broaden their perspectives and gain new insights. The children shall be able to use their entire body and all their senses in their learning processes p. 22.