Friendship – Get to Know

Friendship and social competence are important topics in preschools. Empathy, self-regulation, prosocial behavior and self-esteem are important keywords for social competence. The children will get to know each other, make friends and be a part of a community.

Here are suggestions for activities and games that, among other things, promote self-control, cooperation and social interaction through physical activity. For example, the children can get to know each other through name games and collaborative games.

Tips for physical activities:

Dog and Cat

In Dog and Cat, the children stand together in a circle, and will work together to send two balls around the circle. The game creates a good atmosphere and engage the children.

Who’s missing?

In Who’s missing, the children have to look at each other and find out who is hidden under the rug.

Rock and Chat

In Rock and Chat, the children are given the task of telling something about themselves to another child.

Name Game

In Name Game, the children practice names and connects a movement to each name.

Chain Tag

Chain Tag is a tag game where the children are holding hands while working together to connect more children to the chain.

Pairs Tag

In Pairs Tag, the children works together in pairs while trying to catch or avoid being caugth by other children.

Digging up Potatoes

Here the children lie close together and hold each other’s hands. The children must help each other so that the farmer is not able to dig up the potatoes.

Family Game

In Family Game,  the children play with numbers, quantities and counting by forming different sized families.


In Sculptures, the children are creative together and form different sculptures with their bodies.

Knock Down the Cones

In Knock Down the Cones, the children are divided into groups that together will try to knock down the cones of the other group.

Tug of War

In Tug of War, the children must work together to pull the other group over to their side.

Hug Tag

In this variant of tag, the children have to avoid getting caught and can hug each other to be safe.

Parachute Game

In Parachute Game, the children have to work together while playing various games with the parachute.

Shark Race

In a variation of Shark Race, the children have to work together in groups to move from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor.

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

“Kindergarten shall be a safe and challenging place in which the children can experiment with different aspects of interaction, community and friendship. The children shall be given support in coping with adversity, tackling challenges and exploring their own feelings and those of others” p. 11.

“Kindergartens shall promote friendship and community. Social competence is key to interacting well with others, and it includes skills, knowledge and attitudes developed through social interaction“ p. 22.