About Active in Preschool

Active in Preschool is a digital toolbox for preschool physical activity developed by Western Norway University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with preschools in Vestland and Oslo, Norway. The toolbox is open access and thus available to preschool teachers, education institutions and others who seek tips on physical activity for children. The development of Active in Preschool was funded by the Research Council of Norway, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and the Borough of Grorud in the City of Oslo.

Active in Preschool is based on the Active Learning Norwegian Preschool(er)s (ACTNOW) project. ACTNOW is a large-scale research and development project involving professional development to promote physical activity in preschools. The project was carried out in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway from 2019 to 2022 with the objective of developing sustainable models for more and better physical activity in preschools, in close collaboration with the preschools participating in the project. During the project, the effect of physical activity on children’s all-round development, learning and health has also been explored.

For more information, see the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences’ website.