Autumn is a colorful season and often include different types of weather with sun, rain and wind. It is also the season for fruits and berries. Take the children out and let them use their senses. What do we see and hear? Let the children feel the wind and rain, and let them study the many colors of autumn. Wonder together and talk about what you experience and what you know about this season.

Here are some suggestions for activities and games you can connect to the topic autumn.

Tips for physical activities:

North Wind and South Wind

Let the children be the cold north wind and the warm south wind.

Lightning, Thunder and Rain

In this activity, the children get to be a meteorologist and get to report different weather types. You can replace lightning, thunder and rain with other types of weather.

Digging up Potatoes

Digging up potatoes is part of autumn. Here the children get to play that they are farmers who pick up potatoes.

Land Art

Use Land Art to study nature in the autumn. For example, the children can find leaves in different colors or something else that characterizes autumn. The activity is a good starting point for reflection and wondering related to nature in the autumn.

Run and Fetch

Let the children run to get pictures or objects related to autumn.

Memory in Uneven Terrain

Use a Memory Game with pictures that characterize autumn. By playing in nature, the children get to experience what happens in nature in the autumn.

Nature Bingo

Play Nature Bingo with keywords associated with autum.

Tunnel Relay Race

In this acitivity, the children can find objects that have the colors of autumn. The game can be played outside where you can find natural materials in the colors of autumn .

Playing Card Relay Race

Instead of a regular deck, you can use cards with keywords or cards in different autumn colors.

Fruit salad

In this activity, the children can be the fruits of autumn.

The Nix is coming

Instead of playing The Nix is coming with a rope, the children can take a look at a real stream and try to jump over it (if narrow enough).

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

From the learning area Nature, environment and technology:

“Kindergartens shall enable the children to appreciate nature and have outdoor experiences that teach them to move around and spend time in the outdoors during the different seasons” p. 52.

“Staff shall provide a variety of outdoor experiences and use nature as an arena for play, wonder, exploration and learning” p. 53.

Bingo and Memory

Bingo og Memory Cards can be used in various games, for example, when practicing keywords related to topics you work with in the preschool.