New Life: Flowers and Bees

The temperature rises and the sun warms. Nature changes; it germinates and grows, we hear the birds singing and see small insects crawling out. We can see flowers in beautiful bright colors and hear summing bees. Sow seeds with the children and study the growth. Get to know the bee, the bumblebee and the quail. What are they doing? How can we take care of these insects?

Here are suggestions for activities and play that you can connect to the topic New Life.

Tips for physical activities:

Busy Bee

The children are bees going out to collect nectar (bean bags).

The Sun Shines on…

What do flowers need to grow? Yes, light! In a variation of this game, children can be different types of flowers. Three or four children are the same kind of flowers, and when the sun shines on their flower, they have to switch places. The person who leads the game decides on the type of flower.

Fill Receptacles with Water

What do flowers need to grow? Yes, water! Here the children can be given the task of watering pretended flowers that grow in the tub they are to fill.

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

“The children shall be given outdoor experiences and discover the diversity of the natural world, and kindergartens shall help the children to feel connectedness with nature” p. 11.

“The children shall be able to explore, discover and understand correlations, broaden their perspectives and gain new insights. The children shall be able to use their entire body and all their senses in their learning processes p. 22.