Animals in the winter

It is exciting to wonder what happens to different animals in the winter. Some lie in dens and some change their fur. How do the animals find food in the winter? Let the children explore and form new experiences with nature. Do we find insects or other small animals in the winter?

Here are tips for different activities and plays you can use to get to know animals in the winter.

Tips for physical activities:

The Bear is Sleeping (with a twist)

This game is connected to the bear lying in a den.

Snake Chase

Is it a Viper?

Pull the Tail

Play Pull the Tail with children being animals that you talk about under the topic.

Animal Tag

Here the children can be animals that you talk about under the topic.

Memory in Uneven Terrain

The surface during the winter challenges children’s motor skills. Create a memory game that is connected to the animals you work with in the winter.

Large Catches Small, Small Catches Large

Use animals that you work with under the topic Animals in the Winter.

Nature Bingo

Create a Nature Bingo with the animals or animal tracks in the winter.

Roll the Dice

Create a variant where the children will sort animals into different categories.

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

From the learning area Nature, environment and technology:

“Kindergartens shall enable the children to appreciate nature and have outdoor experiences that teach them to move around and spend time in the outdoors during the different seasons” p. 52.

“By engaging with nature, the environment and technology, kindergartens shall enable the children to learn about animals and animal life” p. 53.

“Staff shall provide a variety of outdoor experiences and use nature as an arena for play, wonder, exploration and learning” p. 53.