Learning about traffic and traffic rules will develop the children’s attitudes and skills to become responsible and safe road users.

Here are suggestions for activities where you can work with traffic through physical activity and plays.

Tips for physical activities:

Crazy Traffic Lights

What does red and green light mean? In Cracy Traffic Lights, the children are road users that follows the traffic light.

Red Light

What does red light mean? Yes, stop! Red light is a good exercise in stopping.

The Tourist Guide

Make a pretend trip in traffic. You can be soft road users or different types of vehicles.

Shape Hunt

Take a trip to a nearby traffic area or in the preaschool outdoor area if you have traffic signs there. What shapes do the different traffic signs have?

Shape Game

Can the children make a traffic sign with their bodies? Feel free to have some signs to show what the children can shape.

Bike Race

Create a cycle path that the children rides. Feel free to use markings and any traffic signs you have in the preschool. Many preschools have cycle paths that you can use as a starting point.

Car and Garage

In this game, the the children get to be different vehicles. To connect the game even more closely to the topic of Traffic, one can add tasks that the children must answer before the garage opens.

Would you like to drive a bus?

Here the children can drive a bus, and the bus drivers must follow the traffic. Maybe you have made some markings where the buses have to stop in addition to the bus stops? The buses have to stop and wait until the passengers are safe inside the bus stop.

Kim’s Game in Nature

Find different objects or pictures that belong to the topic of Traffic and use these in the game. Either the children can run and pick up the objects that has been removed, or each objects can be connected to a movement.

Cone Thief

You can use this activity to talk about how cones can be a part of traffic.

Traffic Obstacle Course

Here, the children get to practice basic traffic rules through a motor-challenging course.

Memory in Uneven Terrain

Play Memory in uneven terrain and practice keywords related to the topic of Traffic.

Nature Bingo

Play Bingo in the nature and practice keywords related to the topic of Traffic.

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

From the learning area Local community and society:

“By engaging with topics relating to the local community and society, kindergartens shall enable the children to explore different landscapes, familiarise themselves with institutions and places in the local community and learn to find their way and travel safely” p. 56.

From the learning area Quantities, spaces and shapes:

“Kindergartens shall highlight relationships and enable the children to explore and discover mathematics in everyday life, technology, nature, art and culture and by being creative and imaginative” p. 53.

Bingo and Memory

Bingo og Memory Cards can be used in various games, for example, when practicing keywords related to topics you work with in the preschool.