Easter is an important holiday within the Christian cultural heritage. The victory of life over death is the theme of both Easter and spring. In the preschool we celebrate life and create objects that symbolize life. Eggs are the start of a new life and the chicken has just started its life. Goslings on the trees are signs that the trees are alive. Cress can show life germinating from a seed. Together with the children, one can wonder about the meaning of Easter through working with chickens, eggs, goslings and cress.

Here you will find suggestions for activities and plays that can be linked to the topic.

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

From the learning area Ethics, religion and philosophy:

“Kindergartens shall introduce the children to the stories, traditions, values and holidays of different religions and world views and to discover how cultural expressions are valuable in the own right” p. 54.

“Staff shall introduce the children to and observe important dates, holidays and customs in the Christian tradition and those of other religions and world views represented in the kindergarten” p. 55.