Fire Safety

It is important that children become aware of and gain knowledge on fire safety. All preschools have fire drills, but how and how often one organizes this varies between preschools.

Here are some suggested activities and plays to use when working with the topic fire safety.

Tips for physical activities:

Would you like to drive a bus?

By replacing the buses with fire trucks, and the bus stops with fire stations and various places where it’s a fire (e.g. illustrated with laminated sheets with flames), the children get to play fire fighters.

Bridge Crossing

Create an obstacle course with different obstacles that the children can crawl under in different ways. Tell a story about being in a room filled with smoke. The children must get out of the room as quickly as possible by crawling under the obstacles in various ways.

Kim’s Game in Nature

Play Kim’s game in Nature with objects or pictures from the topic of Fire Safety (e.g. fire truck, fire figther, smoke detectors). The various objects or pictures can either be linked to a movement, or the children can run around the outdoor area to look for the object that has been removed (e.g. illustrated by laminated cards).

Tunnel Relay Race

By switching that one should pick up objects of different colors, the children can pick up objects or pictures related to the topic of Fire Safety.

Memory in Uneven Terrain

Play Memory in uneven terrain and practice keywords related to the topic of Fire Safety.

Nature Bingo

Play Bingo in the nature and practice keywords related to the topic of Fire Safety.

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

From the learning area Local community and society:

“Kindergartens shall give them knowledge and experience of local traditions, institutions and vocations so that the children feel they belong in their local community” p. 55.

“Staff shall ensure that the children see how their choices and actions can affect both themselves and other” p. 56.

Bingo and Memory

Bingo og Memory Cards can be used in various games, for example, when practicing keywords related to topics you work with in the preschool.