The temperature rises and the sun warms. Nature changes; it germinates and grows, we hear the birds singing and see small insects crawling out. Spring is a time for sensation and wonder. What do we see, smell and hear? Go for a walk and experience the nature during the spring.

Here are tips for physically active plays that can be connected to the topic Spring.

Tips for physical activities:

Tunnel Relay Race

Play Tunnel Relay Race in nature or in an outdoor area. The children can pick up flowers or other natural materials in different colors.

Fun with Clothes Pegs

Use cards and clothes pegs in the colors of spring. Talk to the children about what you find in the spring that has these colors.

Nature Bingo

Create a Nature Bingo with keywords from the topic Spring.

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

“The children shall be given outdoor experiences and discover the diversity of the natural world, and kindergartens shall help the children to feel connectedness with nature” p. 11.

From the learning area Nature, environment and technology:

“Kindergartens shall enable the children to appreciate nature and have outdoor experiences that teach them to move around and spend time in the outdoors during the different seasons” p. 52.