Sami National Day

February 6th is the Sami National Day and is often marked in the preschool. One can, for example, talk about Sami culture, set up a lavvu, cook outside, and play that one throws lasso on the reindeer. Maybe you can make a rock concert with Sami music?

Here you will find suggestions for activities and plays that can be linked to the topic.

Tips for physical activities:

Moving to Music

Use Sami music to move to music.

Reindeer Lasso Throw

Talk about Sami culture when throwing a “lasso on the reindeer”

Nature Bingo

Create a Nature Bingo with Sami keywords.


Instead of having mailboxes with shapes, one can have pictures of Sami keywords on the mailboxes.

Same and Different

Differences in Sami and non-Sami culture.

Story Memory

Create a Memory game with Sami keywords.

Excerpt from the Norwegian Framework Plan

From the learning area Local community and society:

“By engaging with topics relating to the local community and society, kindergartens shall enable the children to learn how the Sami are Norway’s indigenous people and learn about Sami culture” p. 56.

“Staff shall introduce the children to Sami culture and the Sami way of life and link the Sami perspective to important dates and everyday life, art and culture and culinary traditions” p. 57.