Bottle Top Bingo


Through Bottle Top Bingo, the children practise colours, numbers and counting. The game also challenges the children’s ability to remember an instruction. Through running or moving around in other ways, the game requires moderate to vigorous-intensity activity.


  1. The adult sits at one end of the play area with the box of bottle tops.
  2. Each child stands at the other end of the play area with their own empty bingo card.
  3. The adult shouts to instruct them what to fetch. For instance., “Two green bottle tops” or “A red bottle top and two yellow ones.”
  4. The children run to fetch the bottle tops and place them on their bingo card. The objective is to fill their cards.


  • The children are not very concerned about being first, so wait until everyone is ready for a new instruction.


  • You can control progression according to how difficult your instructions are.
  • One variant of the game is that they can fetch each bottle top one after the other (without instructions) and fill their cards by having, for example, one colour on each row.
  • You can change the coloured tops with milk carton tops with letters and the children will then fetch each letter one after the other. For instance, fetch the letter of their name or letters that the adult shouts out.
  • You can vary the physical activity by moving around in different ways.


Bingo cards: For instance, a packaging tray for cream cheese soft spread tubes (from the shop)
Bingo counters: For instance, tops from smoothies and squeezable yoghurt


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

Activity type