Bridge Crossing


This game challenges the children to be creative in that they must cross the bridges in a different way each time. The children must also remember how the crossed the bridges earlier. At the same time, the game challenges the children’s motor competence in that they must use their bodies in different ways to solve the task.


  1. Mark three to five-metre bridges on the floor or in the terrain. These could be lines on the floor marked out with cones, skipping ropes or benches.
  2. The children cross all the different bridges in different ways; each bridge is crossed a different way each time.


  • Examples of crossing the bridges in different ways include walking backwards or forwards, crawling, walking sideways, jumping or hopping.
  • Preferably tell a story along the way to make the game extra exciting. For instance, you can pretend that the floor is water filled with crocodiles.
  • It is important that the adult encourages the children to be creative with regard to getting over the bridges, and give positive feedback along the way.


  • The game can be varied by playing in pairs, where the children imitate each other (switch roles after a short period of time).
  • The bridges could be built with different equipment to provide a range of challenges.
  • By using various elements in the terrain, good variation and different challenges are obtained.


Various equipment to form bridges, e.g. skipping ropes, cones, mats, spot markers, benches or elements in the terrain (stones, sticks, twigs).


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

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