Car and Garage


In Car and Garage, the children are challenged to move quickly using various gross motor skills movements. In addition, the children must remember the game rules. Interaction is promoted when the game is organised with the children standing in a circle in pairs.


  1. The children stand in a circle holding hands.
  2. The adult places every other child behind another child, so they are in pairs. The child at the back is the garage and stands with their legs well apart. The child at the front is the car and gets down on all fours.
  3. Upon the ‘reverse’ signal, the car reverses out of the garage by crawling backwards through the garage and running around the circle once.
  4. The car then finds its garage again and drives inside. The aim to be the first car back to the garage.
  5. The children now change places, and the one that was the garage is now the car.


  • It is important that the adult tells the children the direction in which the cars will be driving around the circle. Preferably, demonstrate.


  • A ball, stone and other object can be placed in the centre of the circle with the garages. The aim is then to be the car that catches the ball first. NB! Collisions may occur in the centre, so pay attention.
  • The game can be varied by changing the way the cars are ‘driven’. For instance, by jumping, hopping, crawling (if the surface permits this) or running backwards.
  • If you want to incorporate physical active learning, you can add a task which the car must ‘solve’ in order to open the garage. For instance, something attached to a topic you are working on or other (count to ten, count backwards from five to one, say a shape or the first letter of your name).


No equipment required.


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

Activity type