Chip ‘n’ Dale


Chip ‘n’ Dale challenges children’s reaction ability, as they must quickly absorb a signal (Chip or Dale), interpret it and act accordingly as soon as possible. This requires the children to concentrate and remember what each signal means. The game also challenges their agility, acceleration and speed in that they shall either capture or avoid being captured by their partner.


  1. Divide the children into pairs.
  2. Each pair stands back-to-back on each side of a line in the centre of the play area.
  3. The adult stand on the line facing the children.
  4. The adult names the child on the left side of the line “Chip” and the child on the right side of the line “Dale”.
  5. The adult then shouts either “Chip” or “Dale”. When the adult shouts “Chip” all the Chips must run as fast as possible to a marked line on their side of the play area, whilst all the Dales try to catch their own chip before they reach the marked line. When the adult shouts “Dale” the roles are reversed.
  6. Everyone then returns to the centre and the game starts again.
  7. Remember to vary between shouting “Chip” or “Dale”.


  • You can vary this game by changing the children’s starting position. Instead of standing back-to-back they can, for example, sit back-to-back, lie on their stomachs face-to-face or lie on their backs with their head against each other.
  • You can increase the difficulty level of the game by adding other signals where, for example, the children on the left are forest animals and the children on the right are farm animals. You can then shout, for example, “Pig”, at which time the children must find out where the pig lives, and then react in terms of whether they should run away or catch their partner.


No equipment required.


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

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