Find the Mitten


In Find the Mitten, the children play at a moderate to vigorous-intensity level, whilst remembering and recognising patterns.


  1. Hand out pictures of mittens, so all the children have their own. The other children do not know which mitten the other children have been given. This is kept secret.
  2. The children divide themselves around a marked out area and run around to find the child with the matching mitten. When two children meet, they show the mittens to each other, and if they have matching mittens they line up together and wait for the others to find their matching mitten.


  • A mitten relay race could be played with the cards. Divide the children into pairs and give two mitten cards to each child. The cards with matching mittens are placed on the ground at the other side of the play area with the mitten picture facing the ground. One child from each team runs to the other side to find a matching mitten. The child turns one card over. If the mitten does not match, the child runs empty-handed back to their partner, who now runs to find a matching mitten. If they find the matching mitten, the child goes back to their partner with the card, and the partner runs to find the other matching card. The team that finds all the matching mittens first wins.
  • As a variation to the mitten relay race, you can add obstacles, which the children must pass, when running to the opposite side.


Pictures of mittens (matching pairs). Download here


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

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