Fun with Clothes Pegs


In this activity, the children sort according to colours or experiment with numbers, quantities and counting depending on which variant is played. Fine motor skills are challenged when attaching clothes pegs to the cards. Locomotor movements increase the intensity of the activity.


Variant 1: Colours
– Place various different coloured cards on the floor (can be UNO cards where the children only see the colour of the card).
– Let the children run from a box of clothes pegs up to the cards on the floor. They attach the pegs and run (or other movement) back to the box to get another clothes peg.


Variant 2: Numbers
– Place various UNO cards on the floor.
– The children start with the box of clothes pegs and run up to an UNO card and attach a clothes peg. If the UNO card displays number three, the children run up to the card three times and attach a clothes peg three times. Since the cards on the floor are different, the children can choose a number they know and as such make the game suitably difficult for themselves. If the children do not know the numbers very well, dots can be glued/drawn on to match the number, which enables the children to see how many clothes pegs they need to attach.


Variant 3: Number sequences
– Lay out on the floor some number sequences (e.g. laminated cards or numbered ice lolly sticks). A number is missing from the number sequence, and the children shall find the right clothes peg to place where the number is missing.
– As with the other variants, the children first run to a number sequence to find out which number is missing, then they run back to the box of clothes pegs (which are numbered), and the take the correct clothes peg back to the number sequence on the floor.


  • The activity can be organised with the children playing in pairs.
  • To create variation, the locomotor movements of the children can be changed throughout the activity. For instance, they could jump, crawl, hop and so forth.


Variant 1: Different coloured laminated cards and clothes pegs in the same colours
Variant 2: UNO cards or other cards with numbers and clothes pegs
Variant 3: Ice lolly sticks or sheets of paper with number sequences with a missing number, numbered clothes pegs


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

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