How many animals do you remember?


In this game, the children’s working memory is challenged by remembering the animals they see as they walk down a trail.


  1. An adult marks out a trail in advance by hanging up pictures of various animals (not too many). The pictures must be easy to see on the trail.
  2. The children shall now follow the trail and remember the pictures along the way.
  3. When the children come back from the trail, they say which animals they saw on the trail.


  • This game can easily be linked to topics you are working on at the preschool by using pictures or objects related to the topic concerned.


  • If you want to challenge motor skills at the same time, obstacles can be added along the trail.


Bands in one colour
Animal pictures or other pictures/objects


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

Activity type