Land, Sea and Air


This game challenges the children’s working memory in that they must remember how to react to the commander’s orders. The children shall react as quickly as possible according to the order. By gradually adding more rules, the game can be made extra challenging.


  1. Create a line on the ground or use a line/tape on the floor.
  2. Choose someone to be the commander. He/she stands at the end of the line.
  3. The other children stand with one foot on each side of the line facing the commander.
  4. The commander shouts, “land”, “sea”, or “air”. Land = jump to the right of the line. Sea = jump to the left of the line. Air = jump straight into the air.


  • For progression, you could shout the order twice in a row with the children having to stand still the second time the command is shouted.
  • An additional challenge could be to shout the same command three times in a row and everyone has to jump straight up and down three times.


No equipment required.


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

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