Nature Bingo


Through nature bingo, the children practise keywords related to topics they are working on in the preschool. By hanging up pictures in nature with uneven terrain, the children’s motor skills are also challenged.


  1. The adult hangs pictures up of various keywords on a trail inside the preschool’s outdoor play area, in the woods or otherwise in nature.
  2. The children are split into groups according to their motor development, so that all the children have equal prerequisites to find the different pictures that have been hung up.
  3. Each group of children have a sheet of paper listing all the keywords.
  4. As the children find the different pictures hanging outdoors, they put a sticker on the keyword on their sheet of paper (or cross them out with a marker pen).


  • It’s a good idea to laminate the cards that will be hung outdoors, as well as the sheet of paper with all the keywords, as they can be used many times.


Pictures of various keywords that can be hung up (e.g. laminated pictures with a string)
A sheet of paper for each groups with the keywords (preferably laminated)
Stickers (or a whiteboard marker pen)

Download bingo and memory cards here:


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


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Small space

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