Obstacle Course with Sorting Station


In this game, the children work on comparing and sorting objects according to, for example, type, colour or size. By adding a sorting station to an obstacle race, the activity becomes more varied and also challenges the children’s motor skills.


  1. The children start at different points on the obstacle course to prevent queuing.
  2. A hula hoop with bean bags or other objects is placed approx. halfway through the obstacle course, which must be sorted.
  3. The children shall sort each object one after the other, either in a specific (colour, type, size) or optional way by running and placing them in a bucket or marked area.
  4. When they have finished sorting the objects, they continue along the obstacle course.


  • When adding a station halfway through an obstacle course, a queue will often develop at the station. Try to prevent this by having several parallel sorting stations. When there several stations in parallel, you can create sorting tasks with various difficulty levels, so as the adult, you can help the children find a station that suits them.
  • By having parallel obstacles in the race to prevent queues, you can also create obstacles with different difficulty levels, for example. balancing on a bench where you can choose between balancing on the bench, as it normally stands, or balancing on the bench when it is upside down.


Various objects to sort in different ways, for example, bean bags, toy cars, sandpit toys
A range of obstacles (equipment or natural obstacles)


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

Activity type