Parachute Game


When playing with a parachute, the children practise motor skills and to follow various instructions. The children are also given the opportunity to practise cooperating with others.


The children spread themselves around the parachute and grab it. Examples of different activities the children can do with the parachute:

  • All the children lift the parachute from a squatting position up over their heads to a standing position as fast as they can.
  • Agree on which two children shall change places. Everyone then lifts the parachute and the children switch places by running under the parachute.
  • Everyone makes a big balloon with the parachute. From a squatting position, everyone lifts the parachute high up. Everyone then meets in the centre and pulls the parachute down to the floor/ground.
  • Everyone makes an igloo with the parachute. From a squatting position, everyone lifts the parachute high in the air. They then take three steps towards the centre, pull the parachute down behind their back and sit on the inside of the parachute.
  • Everyone makes a flying parachute. From a squatting position, everyone lifts the parachute over their head and lets go. What happens?
  • Everyone walks round like a carousel with the parachute. Hold the parachute with one hand and jump, run, and hop around and around with the parachute, whilst continuously lifting the parachute up and down. Turn and move in the opposite direction sometimes. In addition, try holding the parachute with both hands, whilst twirling around.
  • Run around the parachute. In pairs, one of the children holds the parachute and walks around, whilst the other child runs a lap around the parachute. This child then changes places with the other child, who now runs a lap.
  • Everyone challenges their balance. Lay the parachute completely flat, and hold it up to the chest with bent arms. The feet must be completely still and ‘glued to the ground’ the whole time. Slowly stretch the arms out completely, so that everyone’s body is leaning backwards. At the same, try lifting the parachute with straight arms and lowering it again by squatting and standing up again.


  • A variation of the exercises above is the rollerball parachute game. Everyone pulls the parachute, so it’s completely tight. The adult then puts a ball on the parachute. Cooperate and lift and lower the parachute, whilst trying to roll and bounce the ball around the parachute without it rolling off or through the hole in the centre. Try cooperating by rolling/throwing the ball to a specific person. More balls can also be gradually added.




0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


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