Photograph Orienteering


In Photograph Orienteering, the children practise basic motor skills and spatial orientation. The activity stimulates the tactile and kinaesthetic senses.


  1. Take photographs of recognisable objects in the outdoor play area or nature site.
  2. Mark the picture where the clue will hang.
  3. Hang up clues, which could be a picture, a piece of a jigsaw puzzle or a toy that the children shall take back with them.
  4. One adult and two to three children walk together. The group is given a picture to take with them, finds the clue and returns to the starting point where the group is given a new picture.


  • Take pictures of several details or a larger area.


Photographs taken of the preschool’s outdoor play area or local community


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

Activity type