In this activity, the children carry out high-intensity physical activity as they sort waste in different dustbins.


  1. Set up the bins in which the waste will be sorted.
  2. Spread a lot of waste around the play area.
  3. The children shall now collect one item of waste at a time and put it in the correct dustbin.
  4. When all the waste has been collected from the play area, open each bin and discuss with the children whether the content of the bins has been correctly sorted.


  • Preferably, make dustbins with lids that can be opened (see the picture). The children think its fun to open lids to throw in the waste.


  • One variation of the game could be, “What shouldn’t be in the ocean?” You can put out pictures or objects that belong in the ocean, in addition to those which do not belong in the ocean. The children shall now pick out what does not belong in the ocean, and sort them by putting them into the correct bin.
  • If you want the activity to be more motorically challenging, you can make obstacles for the children to pass before getting to the bins.
  • You can also ask the children to move around in different ways, for example, jump, hop or crawl.


‘Dustbins’ with various waste sorting symbols
Waste (clean)


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

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