Rock and Chat


In Rock and Chat the children practise locomotor skills. Further, they practise social skills as the children shake hands/give high-fives and tell another child something about themselves.


  1. Put on some music and let the children move in different way each time the music is playing. For instance:
    – Run, run in slow motion, walk normal, walk as fast as you can, walk as strange as you can
    – Leap, leap like a frog
    – Gallop
    – Crab walk (put your hands on the floor with your back facing the floor and walk sideways)
    – Dance, dance as strangely as you can
    – Swim in the air
  2. When the music stops, they must go up to the nearest child and shake hands with them or give them a high-five, and then tell the child something about themselves that you have set as a task (for instance, what do they like doing at home? What is their favourite colour? What do they like playing at playtime? What animal do they like, etc?).
  3. Each time the music stops, they must go up to another child.


  • Encourage the children to move in different ways.




0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

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