Rock, Paper and Scissors


In Rock, Paper and Scissors, the children are challenged to focus on multiple tasks at the same time in that they shall catch other children, and also dodge the other children to avoid being caught. They must use their working memories to remember which children to catch, and which children to dodge to avoid getting caught.


  1. Each child is given a card illustrating what they are: rock, paper or scissors.
  2. Upon a signal, the children shall try to catch the other children and avoid being caught themselves: The children who are rock, shall catch the children who are scissors. The children who are scissors, shall catch the children who are paper. The children who are paper, shall catch the children who are rock.
  3. When a child is caught, he/she sits in a squatting position.
  4. A child can be saved if a child with the same tag jumps over them.


  • It is preferable to demonstrate the game first with three children playing.
  • The game should ideally be played walking for the first few rounds and then the children can start running once they understand the game.


  • Safe areas can be added if desired, for example, some hula hoops and so forth, where the children can take a short break. Preferably, set a limit for how long they can stay in the safe area, for example, after counting up to 20.


Tags illustrating rock, paper and scissors. Download here


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


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Small space

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