Song game: Incy Wincy Spider


In this song game, the children practise connecting movements with song lyrics.


  1. Sing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’
  2. “Incy wincy spider…” From a knee-standing position, move upwards climbing.
  3. “…climbed up the waterspout” Hands on the head.
  4. “Down came the rain…” Move slowly downwards to a knee-standing position using the fingers to symbolise rain.
  5. “…and washed the poor incy out.” Hit your hands on the floor.
  6. “Out came the sun…” Make big movements with your arms from the floor up to your head.
  7. “…and dried up all the rain” Hit your head.
  8. “So incy wincy spider…” Move from a knee-standing position and climb upwards to a standing position.
  9. “…climbed up the spout again.” Place your hands on your head.


No equipment required.


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

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