Suction Cups


Suction Cups challenges the children’s body strength, for example, in their arms and fingers, which is important for both fine and gross motor skills. In addition, they will touch each other and work together in pairs, which challenges interaction and cooperation.


  1. One of the children lies down on the floor with their arms and legs spread out. The child shall try to suction themselves to the floor.
  2. The other child now tries to turn the child, who has suctioned themselves to the floor, from their stomach to their back.
  3. Switch roles.


  • For variation, one of the children can pretend they are a sack of flour, which the other child shall drag along the floor by pulling their arms or legs. Switch roles.
  • Another variation is that one of the children is a log of wood (lies down completely straight with their arms stretched above their head), which the other child shall roll across the floor. Switch roles.
  • To weave in topics about different body parts, one of the children could, e.g. lie down with their eyes closed, whilst the other child touches the latter child on different parts of their body. The task of the child with closed eyes is to say the name of the body part that the other child is touching. The child who is touching the other child can touch different body parts at the same time.


No equipment required.


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

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