Target Numbers


In this activity, the children work with the numbers 1-10. The activity also challenges motor skills by throwing (or kicking) a ball.


  1. The adult hangs up posters with numbers (or quantities) on the wall. For instance, paper plates or laminated sheets of paper.
  2. The children shall aim for the targets in ascending order. First number one, then two, three, etc.


  • For progression in the number task, hang up the posters in random order, but the children shall still aim at the numbers in ascending order. Alternatively, the children can be given the task of aiming for number ten and then downwards to number one.
  • One variant of the game is to aim for each number as many times as the number indicates. For instance, four times on number four.
  • Another variant of the activity is to throw a die and aim as many times as the number of dots on the die. The older children can have two dice with the number of throws being the total of them both (remember to have posters with numbers 1-12).
  • Progression with throwing can also be accomplished by increasing the distance to the wall or throwing with different sized balls or standing on one leg.
  • A variation is to let the children kick instead of throwing.


Bean bags
Posters with numbers and/or quantity/volume


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

Activity type