Toboggan Pull Relay


In this game, the children’s strength and endurance are challenged through moderate to vigorous-intensity activity. The game also requires cooperation in pairs.


  1. Divide the children into pairs with one toboggan per pair.
  2. Create a relay course with a start and finish line – preferably running over the play area and back again.
  3. One of the children pull the toboggan with the other child sitting on it from the start to finish line. If you want it to be a competition, all the children start together, but if you want to avoid competition, they start at different points.
  4. After crossing the finish line, the children switch roles.
  5. If you want the relay to be a competition, the first pair to pull one round each is the winner.


  • The game can be played as a relay team. Several pairs then play as one team with one toboggan. The next pair wait until the first pair have completed the course. The toboggan is the relay baton.
  • There can also be teams of four where one child pulls the other three children to the other side, but only one child can be pulled at a time. The child who pulls all their team to the other side first is the winner. Several rounds can be played, so everyone has a go at pulling their team mates to the other side.


Toboggan sledge with a rope to pull or a bum sledge with rope attached to the handle


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

Activity type