Traffic Obstacle Course


In this game, the children will challenge their motor skills and are active in moderate and vigorous intensities, while learning basic traffic rules.


  1. Create a traffic course in which the children can be road users. The design of the course can focus on running at high intensity, or one can add obstacles that challenge motor skills. Feel free to use the outdoor area, where e.g., the bike path, the sandbox edge, the grass slope or other elements are parts of the course.
  2. The children can either run with or without a steering wheel.
  3. Add obstacles with signs that you want the children to learn. E.g., mark pedestrian crossings where the cars/buses must stop and cones that show where the course leads.


  • The children can also ride the bus, where some of the children are buses by having a hula hoop around their body. Passengers wait at the bus stops and hop on the bus while holding on to the hula hoop. The children must work together through the trail.
  • The children can also be encouraged to be different types of vehicles and are welcome to make sounds.


  • Get the children involved in developing / further developing the traffic course, they have many good ideas.


Hula hoops/spot markers or something else as steering wheel
Traffic signs
Obstacles (e.g., cones, benches, objects in the play area)


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

Activity type