Trip to the City


In this activity, the children shall run at a high-intensity pace back to ‘their house’ after a trip to the ‘city’. At the same time, the children learn to register a message and quickly choose the correct ‘house’.


  1. Put out hula hoops in different colours. The hula hoops portray the city with different coloured houses.
  2. The children run around circling an adult, whilst the adult hums, “Trip to the city, trip to the city”, if they want.
  3. After the children have run a few rounds, the adult shouts: “Run home to your red house.” The children then run to the red hula hoop.
  4. In the next round, the adult can shout a different colour.


  • You can change the way the children move around. For instance, they can crawl, wiggle, hop or jump.
  • A variation of the ‘Trip to the City’ game is ‘Find a Tree’.
    1. Mark the trees with different colours (a band, etc.).
    2. The children then run freely in the forest until the adult shouts: “Find a yellow tree.” The children run to the tree with the correct colour.
    3. Thereafter, the children run again (or, for example, jump).
    4. The adult then shouts for the children to find another tree and the children run to the tree with the correct colour.


Hula hoops


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

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