Tug of War


When playing Tug of War, the children’s arm and body strength are challenged by pulling the rope as hard as they can. Arm strength is important for both fine and gross motor skills.


  1. The game can either be organised with two teams against each other or two children against each other.
  2. Place a rope on the ground, preferably with a ribbon or knot in the middle of the rope. Mark the ground under the middle of the rope (a line in the gravel or a cone).
  3. Line the children up at each side of the rope, either one child on either side or a group of children on each side. Ask the children to firmly grab the rope with both hands.
  4. Upon the start signal: “Ready, get set, PULL!” the objective is to pull the other child or team over the mark on the ground.
  5. Preferably, play multiple times, e.g. the best of three.


  • Children think it’s fun to play tug of war against the adults.


  • Tug of war can be varied by standing up or sitting down.


Swing rope


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

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