Tunnel Relay Race


In this activity, the children practise colours and must remember information whilst they are active.


  1. A group of four to six children line up close together and get down on all fours to form a tunnel.
  2. Upon a signal, the child furthest to the right starts to crawl through the tunnel.
  3. The children forming the tunnel stay on both knees the whole time with their hands on the floor.
  4. The adult has already shown them a single-coloured piece of cardboard (for example, red). When the child comes out the end of the tunnel, the child shall find a red object in the room and place it in a box at the end of the tunnel. Afterwards, the child lines up and forms a tunnel and the second child in the row can now start.
  5. The adult is quick to show another colour (for example, blue) before the second child starts. The second child must search for a blue object in the room and place it in the box, then form a tunnel before the third child starts. This is a continuous cycle, and the adult can time the relay race if the children wish the adult to do so.


  • If there are several groups, they can play at the same time (preferably one adult per group) or they can be each other’s spectators. At the end, the times can be compared (if desired).


Access to various objects in different colours, for example, in the department or the outdoor play area


0 - 2 years
3 - 5 years


Large space
Small space

Motor skills

Learning areas

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